Top 10 Reasons Why California Needs EVCS

October 28, 2020 11:01 pm
Photo of David Letterman by Chad J. McNeeley

Everyone loves top 10 lists, right? After all, David Letterman made them a perennial staple of his popular late-night program for years until they eventually became one of the most anticipated segments of each episode. Not only were they hysterically funny, but they featured just enough truth that the viewer was able to make a connection with reality. Quite often, these lists were also centered around an important and topical subject. And what’s more topical right now than sustainable energy? Or protecting our environment? So, in the spirit of David Letterman, we thought we’d present the top 10 reasons why the state of California needs EVCS.

10. Climate change has created so many wildfires across the region, the Grumman S-2T tanker plane has been renamed California’s official state bird.

9. With gas prices consistently inching up to ever higher levels, it’s now cheaper just to ship your car wherever you’re going than to drive it there.

8. Gavin Newsom thinks we should all be driving electric cars by 2035. And seriously, how could anyone with a coif that pretty possibly be wrong?

7. Rolling black-outs have Californians sitting in their darkened homes tweeting nostalgically about the days when they could actually see all the damage caused by local rioters and earthquakes. Clearly a plea for someone to bring us back to normal! #goodolddays #shoreupthegrid

6. Think how fast everyone could get where they were going if they could ALL use the HOV lane!

5. California drivers stop to text at greenlights, but frantically run reds. Hmmm… Just imagine if they could kick back with a cappuccino, relax and get all of those urgent texts out of the way while their EVs charged. Two birds, one stone!

4. The CEC issued a report saying gas prices had gotten so bad in cities like Los Angeles, people were actually out walking.

3. EVs in every home means no one will die from sitting in their garage with the car turned on.

2. Saying “charge it” won’t mean paying 26% in interest to AMEX anymore. 

1. We already give up 70% of our earnings to cover income taxes, property taxes, wealth taxes, excise taxes, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, unemployment, health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, union dues, mortgage payments, car payments, childcare, utility bills, HOA fees and DMV registration fees. Now we can stop giving the remaining 30% to the gas stations. 

Okay, so we’re not the writing team at the Late Show, but you have to admit there are at least a few compelling reasons in the bunch to advocate for greater EV infrastructure. Because at the end of the day, our mission is to better the lives of Californians (and eventually all Americans) by creating a safer, cleaner, healthier environment through responsible mobility. And that’s no laughing matter.

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