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We believe the future is where electrical power and mobility converge.

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Electric vehicles are cleaner, safer and more cost-effective than gas-powered alternatives, but early adoption has been hampered by a lack of accessible EV charging stations. To address the issue, we're creating the most reliable and accessible EV charging infrastructure in the nation; one that reduces the economic burden of commuting while simultaneously improving air quality through decreased traffic. Our customers profit from innovative software services and vertically integrated installations that can be deployed at scale, often at no upfront cost, along with industry-leading customer service.

Our goal is, and has always been, to incentivize site owners like you to go green by earning green through the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at each of your properties. We offer site owners a number of benefits, including:
  • Early adoption in a rapidly growing market with increasing consumer demand
  • Steady monthly cash flow through a new revenue stream
  • The offsetting of costs through government rebates, grants and other incentives
  • An opportunity to partner with a pioneer in the world of electric car charging stations
  • Contributions that benefit the environment

Ready to work together?

Whether you own a business, you are a contractor who would like to work with us, or you drive an EV, where are here to help

Our History

EVCS was started in 2018 by Green Commuter founder Gustavo Occhiuzzo and finance expert Ian Vishnevsky, two serial entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to provide California businesses with charging stations as the number of electric vehicles on the road continued to multiply.

While sister company Green Commuter, first established in 2014, pioneered eco-friendly mobility through its fleet of all-electric vanpool vehicles, Occhiuzzo and Vishnevsky were determined to encourage greater electric vehicle participation by California residents through a scalable statewide charging solution.

EVCS set about developing a unique and industry-disrupting approach to mobility power – most notably employing a complete turnkey approach that utilizes both public and private grants, rebates and other financial incentives to reduce the downside while optimizing the upside for participating site owners. Thanks to the enormous popularity of this approach, EVCS has already expanded its footprint from California to Washington via the West Coast Electric Highway and will soon traverse the country.