The Electrical Vehicle Industry Keeps Growing, and More Drivers are Making the Switch

September 30, 2021 8:20 pm

The electrical vehicle industry keeps growing and more drivers are making the switch. This is why governments around the world are working to provide EV users with more and more places to recharge their cars. At EVCS, we’ve created an app that you can use when wondering “Hey, where can I find electric car charging stations near me.”

The fact that each year more drivers are going for an EV instead of a regular car shows that EV mass adoption will happen. There are studies that say that by 2030, 30% of all cars sold around the world will be electric. With this in mind, it’s mandatory to answer the question “How can I find electric car charging stations near me?”. And that’s the reason we’ll tell you more about our app and our subscription plan. Keep reading!

Our mobile app

We always have drivers in our mind when creating new products. That’s why we’ve created an EV charging station app, so everytime you ask yourself “quick charge stations near me?”, you’ll find the answer in the palm of your hand. Our mobile app makes the EV charging experience pleasant and easy. Our interface is user-friendly, so that anyone can use it with no difficulties.

It’s convenient since it remembers your payment preferences and you’re billed only once a month. Yes, it’s just one payment a month for unlimited charging, and your subscription will start immediately after the payment is processed. 

Recharging your EV’s battery with EVCS is as easy as opening the app, using the map to find a charger, scan the QR and charge your vehicle! Smart and easy.

When using our app, you’ll be able to track your charging history as many times as you want, and you’ll receive a notification when the energy transfer has ended so you don’t have to worry about checking that every 10 minutes. 


Our top priority is for drivers who choose to go green to find the confidence they need whenever hitting the road. Our subscription plan lets you recharge your car as many times as you need for only $49.99. 

As we place our chargers in strategic places that offer other things to do while your car is charged, you won’t have to worry about that either. Plus, with our app finding the closest charger is fast and easy!

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