How a Biden Administration Helps EVCS

November 11, 2020 11:04 pm
Photo of Joseph Biden by Michael Stokes

For EV enthusiasts generally and EVCS specifically, the election results are cause for great optimism. Joe Biden has shown himself to be a true friend to the electric mobility industry, so we thought we’d outline a few ways a Biden presidency will likely benefit our company, our mission and our customers.

Subsidization of EV Infrastructure

According to The Detroit News, while at a campaign stop in Toledo, Ohio on October 12th, Biden boasted of plans to create a nationwide “network of 500,000 charging stations” by 2030, primarily along major US highway routes where traditional fueling stations still dominate. He made a similar claim during the first presidential debate. While specifics were hazy, the implication is that federal funding will be made available to network operators like EVCS who have the know-how and wherewithal to implement his vision. 

Federal Rebates published an article on November 1st detailing some of Biden’s EV-related tax proposals. They include restoring the $7,500 tax credit permanently for all US-made EVs, narrowing it to those earning less than $250,000 per year, and removing the manufacturer cap, which penalizes industry leaders like GM and Tesla. This will make EVs more accessible, especially to those with limited means, thereby increasing the number of EVs on the road and, by association, the need for infrastructure.

Government Fleet Vehicles

A November 9th piece in Car and Driver emphasized Biden’s vision of EVs as “the future of transportation.” As such, he’s not only looking to promote greater EV participation in the market, but also within the government itself, replacing outdated ICE fleet vehicles with modern, American-made electric alternatives. We have always touted our history of working with government municipalities and our fleet-specific turnkey solutions, so we should be well positioned to assist in such a transition.

Fuel Economy Standards

The Trump administration rolled back many of the Obama-era fuel economy standards over its four years in power. According to, these “were originally set to hit an average of 54.5 miles per gallon for passenger cars… by 2025.” The idea was to incentivize auto manufacturers to produce vehicles (like EVs) that would curtail fossil fuel usage and therefore reduce pollution. With Biden in the White House, it seems almost assured that, although delayed, a return to these standards will be fast-tracked, requiring more installations to support the greater EV output.

Bringing Attention to Climate Change

Biden has made the climate change battle a consistent part of his platform and routinely plugs electrified transportation as a necessary part of the solution. Moreover, he sees the California EV market, where EVCS has been a key player in infrastructure generation, as a model of environmental activism for the rest of the nation to follow. According to CNBC, he proclaimed, “I’m all for electric cars. I’ve given big incentives for electric cars. What they’ve done in California is just crazy.” 

Additional Factors

Biden’s spirited tone toward EVs will promote the idea of responsible mobility to nationwide audiences. His investments in environmental sciences will encourage new technology advancements. His plan to rein in COVID will get more EVs back on the road as people start traveling again. And his promise to reduce foreign tariffs will lower the cost of international auto parts, making EVs cheaper to produce and more affordable to buy. All of these things will result in a need for the kind of infrastructure we provide.

Obviously, such change won’t happen in a bubble, but fortunately, Biden seems to have the support of the big carmakers as well. On a recent call regarding battery technology, GM’s VP of Electric & Autonomous Programs, Ken Morris, stated, “We’re looking forward to working with the Biden administration in support of policies that will foster greater adoption of EVs across all 50 states and encourage investments in R&D and manufacturing.” Promising news, indeed.

Congratulations President-elect Biden and we look forward to working with you on building a zero-emission transportation future.

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