ETTV interviews Ian Vishnevsky

October 14, 2020 10:58 pm

On Tuesday, October 13th, our co-founder, Ian Vishnevsky, gave an absorbing interview to San Jose-based media platform ETTV America on the EVCS mission and how our recent partnership with Taiwanese software platform Noodoe is helping to advance that mission.

ETTV caters primarily to Chinese Americans and boasts tens of thousands of subscribers, many living in our home state of California, who are not only interested in the subject of electric mobility, but have the means and interest to help make it a reality.

During the interview, Ian discussed the rationale behind our specific choice of Noodoe as a strategic partner.

Ian: We actually did some extensive research before choosing Noodoe, and we feel like Noodoe’s one of those companies that is best in class in what they’re doing. They have been amazing in supporting what we’re doing and we feel [Noodoe] is a really good partner that will allow us to expand and grow and be successful.

For those who don’t know, Noodoe created the dedicated, cloud-based operating system that we use to power our network of charging stations, which fully automates payment processes, energy cost reduction and round-the-clock service delivery. In our press release from April, Noodoe’s CEO Jennifer Wang called our partnership with them “a tremendous milestone” and further noted it “positions Noodoe at the forefront of both EV charging technology and equipment.”

Later in the interview, Ian expounded on the value that the proprietary software provides to both site hosts and drivers, from efficiency to safety to technical support.

Ian: [The software provides the] ability to manage multiple charging stations, ability to manage the load, and make sure that the station is operating safely. There’s the technical part of the operating system itself and then there is also the team. We found that Noodoe has one of the best engineering teams that we’ve ever worked with.

Our goal of proliferating charging stations at hospitality properties in particular is one that Noodoe shares, and much of their focus has been on developing features that appeal to hotel owners. Ian provided further insight during the interview on why this sector is so critical to the expansion of EV infrastructure and how properties benefit by attracting a whole new segment of customer:

Ian: I do drive an electric car, and whenever I travel somewhere, I want to stay in a hotel that offers charging. Now that this is becoming a bit more of a mainstream conversation, more and more awareness is created, and more and more businesses want to have charging capability. Because it is an amenity. There have been studies done that if you have charging, you will attract more foot traffic.

The conversation then shifted to our strategy of identifying locations with an eye toward the future and advancing electric mobility in areas that many of our competitors are outright ignoring.

Ian: A lot of companies go after prime locations. We don’t, necessarily. We’re in a way location agnostic. What’s not a prime location today may be a prime location tomorrow. We put a lot of focus on disadvantaged communities and we feel that as the price of electric vehicles comes down, more and more people who live in disadvantaged communities will become owners, and that will make our locations become more and more successful.

Stay tuned for further media appearances by EVCS team members as we continue to spread the word about what we’re doing.

The full ETTV report on EVCS and its partnership with Noodoe can be found here:

More info on Noodoe can be found on their website:

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