Catering to Niche Markets

March 24, 2022 6:51 pm

March 24th, 2022

EV drivers are as unique as the cars they own. All have special reasons why electric mobility is the sensible choice for them. In that vein, we recognize that building a massive new EV network is not a one-size-fits all strategy, but one that takes into account the needs of niche groups across the country. Below is just a smattering of the smaller market subsets we have in mind as we aim to make the transition to electric feel more personal and individualistic based on things like interests, jobs, and locale.

Long-Distance Commuters

We understand that range anxiety is a barrier to entry for many, which is why we’ve invested in more chargers near highway on- and off-ramps and along other key transportation corridors, as evidenced by our revitalization of the West Coast Electric Highway.

Recreationalists and Domestic Travelers

We recognize that leisure travel is important to many Americans, yet many recreation spots lack the infrastructure to support vacationers with EVs, which is why we installed stations near points of interest like Crater Lake in Oregon, Snoqualmie Falls in Washington, and Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

Electric Motorbikes

Companies like Zero, Lightning, and Harley-Davidson have started actively pushing their all-electric bikes over the last few years, and we offer them DCFCs that can charge 100+ miles of range in just 20 minutes or a full charge in about 35.


From small pickups to big cargo vans, it feels like the backbone of America was built with trucks. We know EV drivers love them too, and with more models on the horizon, we’re making sure we offer public charging stations with spaces large enough to accommodate bigger vehicles


More fleet owners are switching to electric as the economic benefits become palpable. We focus on installing infrastructure at commercial, industrial, and municipal sites where fleets can enjoy advanced network options like customized demand response and real-time performance monitoring.

Rural Markets

Underserved markets are one of our specialties. Urban infrastructure has driven the explosion of chargers, but those living in rural areas want to participate in the greening of society as well, and we actively seek out their participation, which is necessary if we’re truly to become carbon negative. 


City-dwellers will always be a core constituency, largely because they want to reduce the excessive emissions that often come from their neighborhoods. We reward their advocacy with abundant chargers everywhere, from condos to coffee shops to college campuses.

Sports Enthusiasts

We have installed chargers near sporting venues like Dodger Stadium and Arena while also expanding into college athletics departments like CSU Maritime. We have also partnered with LA Fitness to install chargers at their locations across California and feature their ads on our charger screens.

Government Employees

Local, state, and federal governments have been a driving force in the EV revolution, from infrastructure subsidies to vocal support for clean energy alternatives. We, in turn, reciprocate by bringing our own expertise to those government venues that want to make charging available for their employees.


Whatever it is that drives you, we want to cater to why you drive. And no matter who you are or where you fit, we offer great across-the-board resources such as an app that helps you quickly find chargers, manage your payment preferences and track your charging history; value-driven subscription plans; top-of-the-line Level 2 and 3 chargers that will work with any EV; and world-class customer service that gives you the individual attention you deserve.

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