December 28, 2021 6:45 pm

Two thousand twenty-one saw a plethora of advancements in the electric mobility space, from a record number of charging installations to innovative new EV models hitting the market to progressive climate legislation that is spurring the sea change away from pollutant-emitting ICEs. Amidst all this, the EVCS team once again looks back at the last 12 months to take stock of our own unique achievements in advancing the goal of a cleaner future.

Sustainable is Attainable

We became an EV fast-charging network operator powered by 100% renewable energy. To do this, we purchase a gigawatt-hour of electricity from one of our dedicated clean energy suppliers like wind and solar farms to offset each gigawatt-hour of electricity we use that doesn’t come from a renewable source.

A Brand Apart

We executed an ambitious marketing and publicity campaign aimed at communicating the ethos of the EVCS brand: accessibility, responsibility, sustainability. We hired professional photographers to generate quality images of our new charging installations, expanded our website’s blog content, and employed boutique publicity firm PR DEPT to ensure our messaging was reaching our core audience: you.

Capital Commitment

In April, we closed a credit facility with the Commodity and Global Markets division of Macquarie Group, an environmentally conscious financial services company with over half a century of unbroken profitability and nearly three-quarters of a trillion dollars under management. Our multi-million dollar deal allows us to continue the fast-paced expansion of our DCFC network as EV demand grows.

Media Matters

In May, we made public our partnership with iKahan Media, a certified outdoor media company, to employ a “digital billboard network” that fuses our chargers with state-of-the-art LED screens used for advertising and promotions. As a result, we created a new revenue stream for site owners that further improves the economic viability of hosting chargers.

Fit for Collaboration

June wasn’t all gloom as we began collaborating with Fitness International, parent company of national health club operator LA Fitness, that requires us to install and manage DCFCs at their various locations across SoCal. Their company benefits from revenue-sharing on every kWh charged while simultaneously offering a convenient new amenity to a rapidly growing market segment.

WCEH Gets a Facelift

In August, we announced that we were forging ahead with a plan to upgrade the 44 existing chargers along Oregon’s leg of the West Coast Electric Highway while also adding three more and turning 11 into large-scale “superstations.” The project was generously funded through a $4 million grant by ODOT, and in return, we rewarded EV drivers with free charging at these sites until the renovation is complete.

Partners in Clime

Less than a month ago, we revealed that we had joined forces with leading EV charging technology company Tritium in our quest to provide scalable solutions for carbon-neutral infrastructure. Our contract has us purchasing over 400 Tritium fast chargers as part of our strategy to significantly increase our network across California, Oregon, and Washington by the end of 2022.

Our DNA is Green

Our efforts have made a significant environmental impact. In 2021, our chargers saw over 195,000 kWh of charging, which resulted in estimated greenhouse gas reductions from 350,000 fewer ICE miles driven as well as the sequestering of carbon across the equivalent of 171 acres of US forests.

Looking Ahead to ‘22

With 2021 now mostly behind us, we again “charge” headfirst into the future. Our 2022 agenda is teeming with action items that include lobbying for and utilizing greater government incentives that increase EV adoption, building up our EV infrastructure across multiple US states, including renovation of the WCEH, facilitating numerous new strategic partnerships with both public and private entities, and spreading good cheer as we visibly reduce our carbon footprint.

Thanks to our readership for supporting this blog and we’ll see you again in the new year! Happy holidays from EVCS!

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