How do I open an account?

Download our app for free and simply enter your name and email address to sign up. Additionally, you can sign up and learn more about our unlimited charging subscription plan here: evcs.com/subscription-plans

How can I find the closest charger?

Two ways. You can search by city or zip code through our dedicated mobile app or by going to evcs.com/find-a-charger.

Do your connectors work with all EV’s?

Yes, all EVCS charging stations can charge all EVs on the road. Tesla EVs do need an adapter to be able to charge at EVCS charging stations. 

How fast do your stations charge?

Most EVs will charge 80% of the battery in less than 60 minutes using EVCS Fast Chargers. Level 2 chargers charge between 18-25 miles of range per hour.

Can I reserve a charger?

Chargers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The app will display how many chargers are currently available at that particular site. 

What do I do if my car says charging was interrupted?

Unplug the connector from your car, place it back in the charger, and end the session. After the session has ended, reconnect the plug in the car and restart the charging session. If the problem persists, please contact us at (866) 300-EVCS (3827) and ask to speak with our support team.

Does your app work with other networks?

No. Our app only works with the EVCS network of chargers.

Is there an idle fee?

We reserve the right to charge an idle fee if your car remains connected to the charger after two hours from the start of the charging session.

Do you offer pay per charge?

Yes, we do. We have a standard price of $0.29/kWh for Level 2 and $0.49/kWh for DCFC across the EVCS network of chargers.

Can I pay one flat fee to charge as much as I want?

Our unlimited charging plan lets you charge as much as you want for just $49.99 per month for personal use. For commercial use, reach out to info@evcs.com for custom pricing. 

What is the difference between a personal, and commercial plan? 

Personal plan is ideal for individual drivers or families, Commercial plan is ideal for rideshare and other gig economy drivers/ commercial EVs.  

How many times per day can I charge?

With the monthly unlimited charging plan, you can charge as many times as you like. However, a total of one hour must elapse between charges.

When/how often will I be billed for the monthly subscription plan? 

Your credit card will be automatically charged on the day of the month you initially purchased the subscription. Example) if you purchased on June 6th, you will be billed the following month on July 6th. 

When does my subscription start? 

Your subscription will commence immediately once payment is processed. 

Can I use pre-paid or gift cards with your service?

At the current time, we only allow use of VISA and MasterCard gift cards with our service.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

You can upgrade from personal to commercial at any time or vice versa at any time. Please be advised that for downgrades the adjustment will go into effect in the next billing cycle and no refunds will be provided for the remaining days in a billing cycle after downgrade or cancellation of a membership. 

Do you have annual plans?

Coming soon!

Can I transfer/share the subscription to another person?

You will need to cancel your subscription and the other person will have to enroll in the program. Plans cannot be shared amongst users at this time. 

Do you have a referral program? 

Referral program is coming soon! 

How do I cancel a subscription?

Click "subscription plan" on the app which will take you to your account (in a browser window). Click on the easily accessible "cancel" button. You can cancel at any time, and your plan will be active until the end of the billing cycle. You will not be refunded for any remaining days in the cycle. 

Can I access my account online whenever I want? 

Yes. You can access your account directly through the My Account tab on the EVCS mobile app.