Newswire Press Release: EVCS Fast Charging Network to Use 100% Renewable Energy

April 30, 2021 4:45 pm

One of the most common criticisms foisted on the electric mobility industry is that EVs are not technically carbon neutral since the electricity needed to power them is generated through fossil fuels, including coal and natural gas. This argument is not without merit and presents those of us in the EV infrastructure sector with yet another lofty goal – true carbon neutrality through electrical grids powered by renewable energy sources like wind and solar. And our most recent press release discusses how we at EVCS are doing just that.

ARCADIA, Calif., April 22, 2021 (

EVCS, one of the largest fast charger operators on the West Coast, proudly announced today it has contracted 100% renewable energy to power its entire fast charging network. EVCS has been contracted to install over 1,000 fast charging stations on the West Coast, home to about 50% of all EVs in the U.S., making it one of the largest fast charging networks in the country.

How does this work? EVCS contracts with its various clean energy suppliers and REC partners (renewable energy certificate) to ensure each gigawatt-hour delivered on a fast-charging network financially supports a renewable energy generator in the U.S.

EVCS is focused on purchasing a blend of wind and solar energy through its electricity suppliers and REC partners in California. There are plans to grow this initiative further as EVCS’ pool of partners becomes certified via the California Air Resources Board Renewable Energy Program. EVCS’ dedication to 100% renewable energy further supports its mission to empower drivers to join EVCS in its commitment to cleaner air for all.

In addition, EVCS offers a no-cost turn key solution to host fast charging networks to its commercial site partners. As a result of its allegiance to 100% renewable energy, EVCS customers contribute to the decarbonization of the planet. Most energy grids are currently fossil fuel-powered or draw from municipal electric grids and are indirectly contributing to carbon emissions. EVCS now provides a charging option that uses clean and renewable energy enabling drivers to join them in its environmentally conscious mission.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, passenger cars and light-duty vehicles make up nearly 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, making them the country’s largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

“I am proud to announce EVCS’ commitment to using 100% renewable energy for our fast-charging network. Our goal has always been to create the most reliable and accessible charging infrastructure in the nation and provide drivers with an affordable and convenient charging option that does not use fossil fuels, coal, or natural gas,” said Gustavo Occhiuzzo, CEO of EVCS.

Commercial sites interested in exploring the opportunity to have fast charging stations installed at no cost should visit EVCS turn key solutions to learn more.

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