Is range anxiety real?

November 1, 2021 6:36 pm

Do you want to know what range anxiety is? It’s defined as the fear of running out of battery charge before finding an EV charging station. Automotive makers, government members and specialists say that range anxiety is a large reason to blame for the holdback of drivers to embrace electric cars. 

The reality is that range anxiety exists, but it also exists regarding fossil-fueled vehicles. The fear of your EV running out of charge is comparable to the feeling of running out of fuel on your regular internal combustion engine car. The main difference is the availability of gas stations over EV charging stations.

Ways to combat range anxiety

Many drivers are still hesitant to change their conventional vehicle for an electric one. A decade ago, the average range of electric cars was 100 miles.

Today, an average EV car battery has a range of about 260 miles. This is the first thing to consider that’ll help you fight range anxiety.

The subscription plan we offer at EVCS is another thing that can help you with that anxiety: it gives you foresight when driving your EV. With this membership, you’ll pay a fixed fee per month and be able to recharge your electric vehicle as many times as needed. Furthermore, by using the mobile app or website you can search for the nearest charging station to charge at so you will never run out of battery. 

In conclusion, there are a few things that can give your range anxiety a rest:

  • To know you EV has more range than you thought it did.
  • The possibility to subscribe to a monthly plan that lets you find charging stations near you.

Electric vehicle charging network

Most drivers are used to driving their cars not just for work or dropping their kids at school but also for making road trips. Long trips always require foresight, especially the ones you make using your electric vehicle.

At EVCS we’re focused on expanding the EV charging network in the US and on upgrading the charger’s capacity. An example of this is the West Coast Electric Highway (WCEH), a pacific northwest electric vehicle charging network. The WCEH is an extensive network of Level 2 and Level 3 (fast chargers) in the most important West Coast corridors.

In October 2021, we announced free charge to EV owners at the WCEH charging stations until upgrades of the network are completed. That’ll happen in late 2021 or early 2022. 

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