Find the Nearest Electric Car Charging Station

September 30, 2021 8:18 pm

The electric vehicle (EV) industry keeps growing and driving massive changes in the automotive industry. Every year, more drivers choose to switch to an EV, this is the reason why these types of vehicles are becoming more common. With more people choosing an electric vehicle, more EV chargers are needed to make sure that everybody finds the nearest charging station.

At EVCS we’ve created an easy-to-use mobile app and a website that can be used to find the nearest charging station so you never run out of battery! 

Searching for the closest EV charger is super easy. Just go to our app or visit, search by city or by zip code, and scroll through our EV charging map. 

Our subscription plan

At EVCS, we believe that the future is where electrical power and mobility converge. Why? Because electric vehicles are known to be safer and cleaner than the ones with internal combustion engines, and our environment needs us to make the switch. That’s why we’re always looking forward to encouraging people to go green by choosing an EV, and business owners to do so through the installation of electric vehicle chargers.

There are two ways of charging your EV’s battery: using the pay-as-you-go method or by subscribing to our unique unlimited charging plan for $49.99 per month. There is no doubt that the last one will make you spend less money and you’ll be able to find all the closest EV chargers by accessing our electric car charging stations map while plugging in your car as many times as you need.

We’re sure this is the easiest and most reliable way of charging your electric vehicle’s battery, that’s why we want you to try it: you can unlock one free month trial of unlimited EV charging! 

Which type of chargers do you offer?

If you’ve been in the EV world for a while, you probably already know that there are three types of chargers. If you’re new to the EV world, don’t worry! We’ll explain this very short and easy:

  • Level 1. The slowest option. Oftenly used as residential chargers and gets a battery fully charged in about 24 hours.
  • Level 2. Commonly used on public spaces and residential areas. These types of chargers take a battery to 100% in around 8 hours.
  • DCFC. The fastest on the market. You can find these in public spaces. DCFC charges an EV battery to 80% in less than 60 minutes.

So, when wondering “where can I find fast chargers near me?”, remember you can open up an account very easily, and find L2 and fast chargers close to you!

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