Ever wondered, “How do you charge an electric car at home?”

November 1, 2021 6:33 pm

If you’re seriously thinking about switching from your conventional car to an electric one, you’ve probably already asked yourself: “How do you charge an electric car at home?” 

The first thing to know about how you charge an electric car at home is that the chance to “refill” your electric vehicle at home is an advantage when compared to conventional gas-powered cars. 

Every EV comes with a standard 110V connection kit, known as a Level 1 charger. They take up to 24 hours to charge a conventional EV battery to its full capacity. So the answer to the question “can you charge an electric car at home?” is yes, of course, you can!

Types of electric vehicle chargers

There are three kinds of EV chargers in the market. The one you’ll choose will depend on different factors. An important thing to consider is how much you’ll use your EV daily and what type of electric vehicle you’ll buy. 

For example, hybrid cars have a small battery, so they’ll do okay with a Level 1 charger. If you’re planning on using your car regularly and don’t have much time, you’ll need a Level 2 charger at home or EV charging stations close to your place where you’ll find Level 2 and DCFC, also known as level 3, which are the fastest chargers in the market.  

An average gas-powered car has a range of approximately 30 miles per gallon. So, if you drive 1,000 miles a month you’ll spend around $80 and $100 on fuel, depending on the price of gas where you live. On the other hand, if you drive an EV you can subscribe to a monthly plan like the one we offer. That way you’ll spend just $49.99 per month. If you’re about to make the switch, it’s key to prepare your home for EV charger installation

Depending on the space you have at home and the type of EV you own, the installation will be different, but they all require wiring and an outlet or mount to install the EV charger. 

Are there subscription plans?

At EVCS we offer EV charging membership for a fixed fee of $49.99 per month. The great news is that you can try our plan for free, for 30 days, and cancel any time you want to.

There are three additional things you need to know about our plan: there’s no annual commitment, no extra or hidden fees, and our chargers are 100% powered by renewable energy.

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