EVCS Subscription Model Unique Among Industry Peers

February 1, 2022 6:14 pm

February 1st, 2022

Americans today want the following from the products and services they use: 1) freedom; 2) convenience; 3) simplicity; and 4) value. Let’s face it, we’re constantly being inundated by an increasing barrage of choices in just about everything, from the media we consume to how we interface with co-workers to the way we get our groceries. Options that rise to the top are those that offer the clearest and cleanest solutions for the lowest costs.

With each passing day, it seems we place greater focus on methods that make our lives easier and more efficient. So, why should something as integral as personal mobility be any different? Yet, somehow, the arcane pay-as-you-go model of fueling has evolved very little since the earliest days of the gas pump. Until now. Our subscription-based charging plan finally offers EV drivers the same freedom, convenience, simplicity, and value they already get in so many other areas of their lives.

How Our Model Works

For one low price of $49.99 per month, drivers can charge their vehicles as much as they need whenever they need on any charger in the EVCS network. Our DC fast chargers are some of the quickest around and are powered 100% by renewable energy. We require no annual commitment, charge no hidden fees, and bill automatically to whatever payment method the customer provides. EV drivers simply sign up through our website or app and – voila! – they’re ready to charge. Moreover, they can cancel anytime. For those on the fence, we offer a free 30-day trial with no obligation. Simply try it out and see how you like it. 

How We’re Different

The EVCS flat-rate subscription plan is unique in an industry dominated by pay-as-you-go pricing structures. Other network operators either charge for power by the minute or kilowatt-hour (kWh). In order to attract customers, they sometimes offer gimmicky rewards programs or create tiers with monthly fees that slightly drop the cost of charging per minute or kWh, but otherwise, maintain the status quo. Our plan is unique by giving drivers access to fast charging for one low price no matter how often they charge or how much power they use.

The Problems We’re Solving

At 49 cents per kWh, it will cost nearly $50 to fully charge a 100 kW battery on a typical pay-as-you-go pricing plan. Larger batteries might run upwards of $60. Since many drivers switched to EVs so they could save on gas, what sense would it make to spend the same amount charging a battery as it would to fill up a tank? Pain at the pump is a real issue affecting many Americans today, so a flat monthly fee like the one we offer is a welcome respite. In addition, our easy-to-use app makes the entire process a cinch – from finding a station to tracking electricity usage to automatic payments through a secure platform (unlike gas pump credit card readers). 

How Our Model Will Evolve

As our charging network grows, so does the value of our product. This will allow us to get creative through avenues like flat annual rates, referral rebates, and commercial, ridesharing subscription plans. Financial viability is driven by growth in larger metro areas where a significant number of subscribers means greater balance between those who charge more than the average and those who charge less. Also, a larger number of users will lead to more feedback on ways we can continue to improve the subscription model.

EVCS is committed to sustainability in everything we do as we strive to create a greener, cleaner planet, whether that’s our use of 100% renewable energy to power our network, improved technology that reduces charging inefficiencies, or a subscription model that attracts more EV drivers by saving them money. Moreover, our focus on providing superior customer service means we’ll never stop striving to meet those most vital needs of our customers: freedom, convenience, simplicity, and value.

Learn more about the EVCS subscription plan here: https://evcs.com/ev-drivers/subscription-plans

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