Electric car maintenance: all you need to know!

August 26, 2021 5:04 pm

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is booming, and more people are thinking about switching from gasoline to battery-powered cars. EVs may still cost a little more than conventional cars, but when it comes to electric car maintenance, they tend to be cheaper. Owning an electric car frequently allows its drivers to save money when it comes to long-term maintenance.

Keeping an electric car running properly costs less than maintaining a car that uses gasoline because it has fewer components that require a regular visit to the mechanic. For example, changing oil, cooling system flushes and replacing air filters. All in all, electric car maintenance costs one-third of what maintaining a traditional vehicle costs.

A bit more information on EV maintenance

An electric car motor has fewer parts than regular motors, which leads to fewer possibilities of an engine breakdown and a pricey visit to the mechanic. It has no friction between moving parts or liquid and gas exchange: this means no exhaust system changes. An EV should be checked every 30,000 kilometers, compared to the 15,000 kilometers that a gas-powered car requires, and 20,000 for a diesel motor one. And since the battery is the main component in an electric vehicle, you may be thinking “But what about the EV’s battery maintenance?” Well, it is estimated to have a lifespan of 10 years. 

The price of charging an electric car is also a concern of many drivers who want to switch from a gas-powered to an electric vehicle. The cost to fill up the tank of a standard internal combustion engine car varies, since the price of gas changes over time and location, but it may take up to $45 to fill an average tank. Charging an EV can cost around $7 each time you charge it to 100%. But there are more convenient ways of doing so. Getting unlimited EV charging plans is the best way to save money when recharging your EV’s battery.

One thing you need to know is that not all garages are allowed to carry out EV maintenance, since it requires specialized professionals to check them up, and repair them if needed.

A booming industry

The expansion of the EV industry is undeniable, and with more people demanding EVs every day, more chargers are also required. Making sure consumers feel safe by taking a road trip using an electric car is key to convince them to make the switch. At EVCS we’re making sure to address pain points when it comes to creating EV infrastructure so that people don’t hesitate on the EV adoption.

This way, EVs will become more popular, and users will feel safe while traveling in their electric cars, while having the certainty that they’re being environment-friendly.

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