Defining the Customer Experience

April 22, 2021 4:54 pm
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Delivering a positive customer experience isn’t just a part of our company philosophy; it’s the most important part. It’s not just a box to be checked on survey forms, but a core element that composes the metaphoric I-beams of everything we build. It drives our policies and procedures, our innovations, the solutions we offer, and the overall attitude of our team. The EVCS customer experience means making sure that both site hosts and drivers know they’re getting the very best products, services and support when it comes to their electric mobility needs. Here are just a few key ways we’ve manifested that superior experience.

End-to-End Solutions

Businesses that are interested in hosting charging stations shouldn’t have to fill in the blanks themselves during the installation process because their installer only handles “certain parts.” We do everything. And we mean everything. We handle the site assessments, permitting, trenching, finance sourcing, charger procurement, installation, backstops, site cleanup, maintenance, you name it. When a potential customer reaches out to us, they know they’re getting a complete turnkey solution that lets them simply sit back, relax and reap the financial benefits of a whole new revenue stream.

Convenient Subscription Model

EVCS will be the first installer of EV infrastructure in the nation to offer a convenient subscription plan for car charging. At an expected $49.99 per month, our Megawatt Plan offers unlimited monthly charging, and soon drivers will be able to access both Level 2 and Level 3 chargers at more than 500 commercial locations throughout California, Oregon and Washington. This model should be fully operational by Q3 2021 and will allow users to easily manage their account through our website or app.

Easy-to-Use Online Resources

The website is chock-a-block full of helpful resources for site hosts and drivers alike. In this fast-paced world, customers want information quickly and conveniently. Drivers can locate chargers close to them with just a zip code using our “find a charger” function, plus a detailed map shows the location of all installations along the West Coast Electric Highway. And soon, visitors to the site will not only be able to find key information about our subscription plans, but can start the process with just the click of a button. Moreover, site owners can search a user-friendly map to find detailed information on funding programs for EV infrastructure on a state-by-state basis.

QR Technology

Our adoption of QR codes allows users to forgo the hassle and security concerns that come with entering credit card information. Instead, a driver can pay for charging by simply scanning the code with his or her cell phone camera, which instructs a linked wallet app like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or PayPal to process the transaction over the cellular network. Forward-thinking companies like EVCS have moved to embrace QR technology for its simplicity, speed and security, all of which greatly enhance the user experience.

24/7 Customer Support

Perhaps the clearest example of our commitment to customers is our round-the-clock support team. We clearly publish our email address, phone number and even our office address at the bottom of every web page to make sure site hosts, drivers, prospective clients and the like know where and how to reach us. Whether a charger needs repair or there’s a question about charging fees or someone just wants to know more about what we do, we’re here to serve. No question, concern or issue is too small. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that customer trust is something that must be earned with every single interaction.

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