Clean energy using electric cars

August 26, 2021 5:02 pm

Sales of electric vehicles are expected to keep on rising. During the last ten years, humanity has become more aware every day of the damage we’re causing to the environment by using gas-fueled cars. The International Energy Agency foresees that, by 2030, there will be 125 million electric vehicles that use clean energy, owned around the world.

Just like going to the movies, skating, or buying our favorite fruits at the supermarket, cars are crucial to our day-to-day life. They take us to meet with family and friends, to our holiday destinations, and to work. That is the main reason why using cars that function with clean energy is so important. By doing so, we contribute less pollution and less release of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Cleaner energy to save our environment

Climate change is in the public eye. With uncontrolled natural phenomena causing disasters, and countless human and animal lives lost, it has become a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. With poles melting, temperature rising, and tsunamis occurring with increasing frequency, it is a must that we acknowledge that greenhouse gas emissions must be diminished as soon as possible.

Changing the energy we use is a must. In this regard, as EVs use clean energy, their role in helping stop climate change is key. They’re also faster, quieter, and require less maintenance than fossil-fueled ones, so they’re a pretty good option. Creating more EVs for every one public charging station is another thing we must address quickly so that more drivers choose to switch from gas-fueled to electric cars. 

Energy efficiency demand is increasing, for example, with smart homes. The transportation industry is having a hard time catching up, with gas-powered vehicles still being the ones that both, the automotive and drivers prefer. Although that is a fact, it is true that the EV industry is rising, and the efforts to use cars with cleaner energy can be seen.

EV chargers and renewable energy

In regard to electric vehicle charging, EVCS is set apart from its competitors due to its no-cost turnkey installation, which allows site hosts to become part of the change, and because of the fact that its EV Fast Charging Network will be powered fully by renewable energy, like wind and solar. 

EVCS will install over 1,000 fast-charging stations on the West Coast, which will make it one of the largest fast-charging networks in the United States. The focus is on creating a big EV charging network, to empower drivers to join the change and drive cleaner cars.

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